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Charlie Anna

Charlie Anna is the main antagonist later supporting character of Roadside Romeo. He is an English Bulldog and the don of the land who is feared by everyone. He is very fat and ugly and farts in public, and even eats his own earwax. He is very interested in Laila but she wants nothing to do with him. His sidekick is a coyote named Chhainu and he has a trio of ninja dobermans called The Angels to protect him. Although he is very mean he has a soft side.

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"The End!"


"Where have I seen this before?"

"(Y)angels, stop I say!"

"Kung fu Anna!"

"Nonsense persons."

"See you later, alligator!"

"Be happy, my chappy!"

"O Laila, O Laila!" (singing)

"Ah-ha-ha, happy ending!"

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Charlie confronting Romeo.
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Anna looking kinda good for once.

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Charlie and Romeo attempting to fight each other